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What To Do Before Refinancing Your Mortgage

Your title company is supposed to settle your old mortgage at the closing table.

Build Equity Faster With An 8-Year Mortgage

It works like an enforced savings plan with a big payoff — owning your home free and clear.

Are Good Faith Payments A Good Idea?

If you’re having a hard time paying your credit card bill, consider speaking with a credit counselor.

3 Steps to Build the Best CD Ladder

Here’s how to maximize your earnings by purchasing multiple certificates of deposit with different maturity dates.

CD Calculator

Use our CD calculator to compare different CD products and understand compounding methods and interest rates better. The annualized percentage yi…

Reducing Taxes On A Vacant Land Sale

If you held the property for more than one year, the profit from the sale is generally treated as a long-term gain and taxed at a maximum rate of 15% in 2011.

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