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What we do

Since 1994, we’ve helped millions of people find the best rates on savings accounts, mortgages, loans, and credit cards — along with powerful tools and financial advice.

How we do it

We’ve always got your best interests in mind, so we rely on the latest rates (updated daily), empirical research, and evidence-based advice from experts we trust.

Why it matters

Nearly 7 out of 10 Americans are leaving money on the table by picking a bank with low interest rates — and that’s just for savings accounts. Every important financial decision you make could be a lot more profitable (and less stressful) if you find the best rates and consider your options. That’s what Interest.com is for.

Editorial Integrity

To avoid conflicts of interest (there’s that word again), Interest.com adheres to stringent editorial policies that keep our writers and editors independent and honest. We rely on evidence-based editorial guidelines, regularly fact-check our content for accuracy, and keep our editorial staff completely siloed from our advertisers. We work hard to ensure our recommendations and advice are unbiased, empirical, and based on thorough research.

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