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Should You Pay Extra on Your Mortgage?

Paying down debt is always a good idea. It will reduce the amount you pay in interest and shorten the length of your loan. But it might not be the wisest use of your money until you’ve done these three things.

Is Refinancing Your House or Car Always a Good Idea?

Point of Interest Refinancing a home or car can help you lower monthly payments, reduce your overall costs and access equity — but you’ll need to…

How to Open an Online Bank Account

As of 2019, about 57 million people in the U.S. have chosen an online bank instead of a brick-and-mortar bank with physical branches. If you’ve n…

Mortgage Refinancing 101

When you have a mortgage, you’re locked into monthly payments at a certain interest rate for a set period of time. The only way you can change th…

What Is a Certificate of Deposit?

If you’ve been setting money aside for a rainy day, chances are you’ve been putting it in a savings account at your bank. It’s easily accessible…

First Time Home Buyer Programs

Buying a home for the first time can be exciting, a little scary, and very expensive. First-time homebuyers won’t always qualify for the best mor…

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