Mortgage Refinance

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What are Typical Closing Costs on a Refinance?

Point of Interest Refinance rates are at historic lows, making this an excellent time to refinance your mortgage. Use the tips below to keep clos…

Build Equity Faster With An 8-Year Mortgage

It works like an enforced savings plan with a big payoff — owning your home free and clear.

No Closing Cost Refinance

If you’re thinking about refinancing your mortgage, you might be wondering: “Can I refinance with no closing costs?” Or, if you…

Mortgage Refinancing in a Recession

With mortgage rates near record lows and the economy mired in a serious recession, there has never been a better or more urgent time to refinance a home.

What is an Escrow Refund?

You can ask your mortgage servicer to review your tax and insurance payments into escrow.