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How to Get a Student Loan

Point of Interest: Getting a Student Loan Student loans are often an important part of college payment strategies. They can help you cover educat…

How to Build Credit

Point of Interest: Building Your Credit Learning how to build your credit is an important step to financial wellness. Having good credit opens ma…

Tax Refund Loan

Point of Interest: Tax Refund Loans When it comes to getting your tax refund early, there are plenty of available options to gain access to some…

What Determines Your Mortgage Rate

Real estate is expensive and most homebuyers rely on mortgage loans to help pay for their homes. If you’re planning to become a homeowner in the…

Mortgage Costs: What They Are and How to Reduce Them

Point of Interest: Mortgage Closing Costs All of the closing costs associated with a mortgage add up fast. Most homebuyers will end up paying at…

Why Get an ARM Instead of a Fixed Rate Mortgage?

Point of Interest: ARMs vs Fixed Rate Mortgages For many years, adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM) have earned a bad reputation because they were pe…

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