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Touring a Home During COVID-19 May Require Lender Approval

With interest rates historically low, potential homebuyers are anxious to take advantage of bottom-barrel mortgage rates. But, while the housing…

The 7 Most Important Articles Published by

If you regularly seek out personal finance information, you may remember a finance website called, which delivered “deep insights via…

How Lower Fed Funds Rate Affects Banks & Lenders

In times of economic duress, such as has been caused by the coronavirus pandemic, there are a lot of financial variables to keep track of. One of…

How Lower Fed Funds Rate Affects Savings Rates

What are Fed’s funds rates?  The Federal funds rate is a specific number, or rate, set by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), which is…

How Lower Fed Funds Rate Affects Personal Loans

The federal government regulates interest rates, making it more or less attractive for banks to borrow money from each other. This activity also…

COVID-19 Budget? Think Again… 38% of Americans Don’t Plan a Budget at All

Quick facts on Americans and personal budgeting 38% of Americans have not created a personal budget in at least 10 years or have never created on…

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