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  • Retro renovations

    We broke down retro touches you can add to your home – from colorful refrigerators to old tile – and judged whether they're worth the cost.

    April 9th 2014

  • 7 ways to dress up your home for a faster sale

    If you ignore the basics of staging and presentation your home will languish on the market long after similar properties have been snapped up by eager buyers. Investing a little money and elbow grease now can have you moving out sooner rather than later.

  • How to replace your roof

    Our 10 smart moves can help you navigate this costly and sometimes complicated project. Making the right choices can add curb appeal.

  • 6 ways to use your kid's old bedroom

    These alternative uses for your child's bedroom range from the practical to the enterprising. Yes, you can profit when your kid moves out.

  • 8 premium bathroom upgrades

    Find renovation options for every budget. Indeed, you can make some surprisingly luxurious improvements to your shower, floors, cabinets and more without having to pay thousands of dollars.

  • yellow house on income tax form Mortgage interest deduction not always valuable

    You can only claim a mortgage interest deduction if you itemize. The standard deduction might make more sense.

  • 10 most valuable home improvements

    For the second consecutive year, the amount of money you're likely to recoup on home improvements when you sell your home in on the rise.

  • How to replace your furnace

    If your home isn’t getting the right amount of heat at the right price, it could be time to replace your furnace. Our 10 tips will guide you.

  • Bride dancing with the groom Wedding insurance protects against misfortune

    The premiums are surprisingly affordable and the coverage takes at least a little of the stress and worry out of your big day.

  • 5 reasons your home isn't selling

    If you're having trouble selling your house, there's a good chance you might be doing something wrong. Here's how to fix your problems.

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