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  • Mortgage Rates

  • 30 yr fixed mtg 4.08% Change


    Last Week


  • 15 yr fixed mtg 3.23% Change


    Last Week


  • 30 yr fixed jumbo 4.51% Change


    Last Week


  • 15 yr fixed jumbo 4.75% Change


    Last Week


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  • CD Rates

  • 1 yr CD 0.97% Change


    Last Week


  • 2 yr CD 1.18% Change


    Last Week


  • 3 yr CD 1.29% Change


    Last Week


  • 5 yr CD 1.81% Change


    Last Week


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  • White piggy bank on gold background Top 6-Month CD rate highest in nearly two years

    Don't get stuck with an average 6-month CD paying just 0.15% APY. We've scoured the country to find the best local and national deals on these popluar, short-term certificates of deposit.

    September 27th 2014

  • House made of money with rays of light coming out Tapping home equity is cheap, but getting a loan is tough

    Home equity lines of credit are great to use for home renovations or to pay for college, but many homeowners don't qualify because they don't have enough equity built up.

    September 26th 2014

  • How to measure financial success

    We'll not only show you how to find or calculate these measures, but provide some simple guidelines that will help you gauge your progress.

    September 24th 2014

  • for sale sign in front of a house. 4 smart moves to challenge a home appraisal

    A low home appraisal causes a home sale to fall through about 9% of the time. Be smart about challenging an appraisal you think misses the mark.

    September 24th 2014

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