Auto loan rates

The rates charged on the personal loans taken out to finance the purchase of a new or used car or truck, most often expressed as a percentage and an annualized figure. The vehicle is the security for the loan. Auto loans are amortized over several years, usually three to five.

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TD Bank Auto Loan Rates

TD Bank checking and savings account customers can take advantage of a cheap new car loan, with rates as low as 3.79% on terms up to five years.

PNC Bank Auto Loans Review

That's nearly 2 percentage points below the average cost of a 60-month auto loan. PNC Bank also allows buyers to qualify for a loan before picking out a car and taking a blank check with them when they go shopping.

10 Smart Moves for Buying A Used Car

Avoid all of the nasty surprises in the pre-owned market and find an affordable, reliable ride. Here's how to pay a fair price and avoid a car or truck that's been abused, crashed or dunked in a flood.

Is It Time To Sell Your Old Car or Truck?

These 5 steps can help you decide whether you're spending so much on repairs and maintenance that you'd actually save money with a new ride.

Chase Bank Auto Loans

The nation's largest bank by assets is offering checking account holders 48-month, auto loan rates for as little as 2.38% APR. That's way below the average cost of a 4-year car loan, which is just over 4% right now.

Navy Federal Credit Union Auto Loans

This big credit union charges less than have the average cost of five-year, new-car loans.