Best 2-Year CD Rates November 2019

With a 2-Year CD you can earn a much higher APY than a savings account pays. Find the best 2-Year CD rates for your optimal investment amount and length using our rate table below.

It’s always smart to seek out credit union and community bank CDs that pay more than the national banks. We’ve rounded up 12 of the best 2-year deals below, including two that pay 2.40% or better for lucky savers who qualify.

The Best 2-Year CD Rates of 2019

Today’s top national 2-year CD rate of 2.40% APY is offered by Nationwide Bank.

Leading 24-month CD rates have been on a yo-yo that’s seen the lead languish at 1.50% and 1.51% APY last winter, then bump up in the spring to 1.55% and 1.60% APY, the best leading return we’d seen in more than three years.

Summer then saw the top rate fall back to 1.50% APY, while early fall lifted returns to 1.55% APY before we sank back to 1.52% APY in November.

With this feeling of going nowhere fast, it helps to remember the ground we’ve regained. For almost two years between 2012 and 2014, the best national 24-month return was mired between 1.20% and 1.30% APY. Still, it’s hard not to wish for more in 2-year returns.

Top 2-Year CD Rates: Nationally Available Banks

Bank APY Minimum Deposit
TIAA Bank 2.20% $5,000
Popular Direct 2.10% $10,000
Gulf Coast Bank & Trust 1.25% $2,000
TAB Bank 2.30% $1,000
State Bank of India-Chicago 2.15% $2,500
Capital One 1.80% No minimum
Nationwide Bank 2.40% $500
Synchrony Bank 2.20% $2,000
Live Oak Bank 2.30% $2,500

Earn more with local deals

Fortunately, savers who live in the right place or work for a certain employer can usually out-earn the top national rate by shopping local deals.

We’re aware of many credit unions and community banks currently offering 2-year yields that beat the national leaders, including two offers of 2.40% or more. Some are even available nationwide. As always, eligibility requirements apply. So contact the bank or credit union directly to determine if you qualify.

Top Regional 2-Year CD Rates: Credit Unions & Community Banks

Bank States Term (in months) APY
Peoples Transport Federal Credit Union New Jersey 24 2.00%
Self Reliance New York Federal Credit Union New York 24 2.58%
Institution for Savings Massachusetts 24 1.50%
Idaho Central Credit Union Idaho, Nevada 24 2.10%
Cornhusker Bank Nebraska 27 1.99%
Advancial Federal Credit Union Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Jersey, Alaska 24 2.30%
Horizon Credit Union Washington, Idaho, Montana 26 1.51%
Advia Credit Union Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois 22 1.10%
IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union Illinois, Iowa 24 1.90%
First Service Credit Union Texas 24 1.75%
Sandy Spring Bank Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C. 16 0.95%
Service Credit Union Military affiliation, New Hampshire, Massachusetts 24 2.30%

Disclaimer: The rates above were gathered November 1, 2019. Before applying, check with the bank or credit union of interest to confirm the offer still stands.