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Finding Good Community Bank CD Rates

Bank Transfer Day got one saver thinking: Are local banks a better option for CD rates? The yields certainly beat the big banks, but aren’t as good as the best nationally available deals.

Auto Warranty Expired? GM Still Might Fix it for Free

GM is paying for some out-of-warranty repairs in an effort at owner retention.

Navy Federal Credit Union Auto Loans

This big credit union charges less than have the average cost of five-year, new-car loans.

What To Do Before Refinancing Your Mortgage

Your title company is supposed to settle your old mortgage at the closing table.

What is an Escrow Refund?

You can ask your mortgage servicer to review your tax and insurance payments into escrow.

Build Equity Faster With An 8-Year Mortgage

It works like an enforced savings plan with a big payoff — owning your home free and clear.

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