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What’s a Certified Check?

Point of interest Certified checks are a way to prove to a seller that you have funds in your account to pay them. They’re not cashier&#821…

Learn About APR, APY and EAR Interest Rates

While APR, APY and EAR all deal with the same topic and the terms are often incorrectly interchanged, each term is not the same. A common distinction is that APR represents the cost of borrowing and APY the amount you’ll earn on an investment or deposit.

Interest Rates and How They Work

Interest rates are important for both earning money and financing purchases. These rates determine how much you can earn when saving money and how much it will cost you to borrow money, so it’s important to know what yours is before committing to any financial move.

Cashier’s Check: What You Need to Know

Point of interest  Cashier’s checks provide an efficient and guaranteed way for businesses and individuals to pay and receive larger s…

Checking vs. Savings Accounts

Although they are similar, there are significant differences between checking account and savings account as they serve different purposes. The main difference being that a checking account is typically where you want to keep the money you plan on spending now and a savings account is where you want to keep the money you plan on saving for later.

What is a Savings Account and Should I Open One?

Point of interest Savings accounts can help you reach your financial goals and put you in a good place in case of emergencies. They can also help…

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