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Buying a House With Your Significant Other

Alana thought they were getting married until two weeks after the closing and everything fell apart.

No Savings? Blame Your Brain

Recent research suggests that our minds aren’t optimally designed for the kind of long-term planning and sacrifice required to build a serious nest egg.

5 Reasons to Open a Roth IRA Now

This individual retirement account provides tax-free income after you’ve retired and a lot of flexibility to make penalty-free withdrawals between now and then.

CarMax Auto Loans Review

Here’s what you need to know about this heavily promoted policy at CarMax, the used car superstore.

Best Ways to Invest a Life Insurance Payout

Let attorney Clint Costa show you how to make the most of a mini-windfall like the payout from a life insurance policy.

Finding Good Community Bank CD Rates

Bank Transfer Day got one saver thinking: Are local banks a better option for CD rates? The yields certainly beat the big banks, but aren’t as good as the best nationally available deals.

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