Parents are 5X as Worried about Infection & School than about Work & Paying the Mortgage

The COVID-19 pandemic has had dire economic effects on the country, but it turns out that most parents are less worried about their finances and more worried about the virus and safely getting kids to school this fall.

In a recent survey, we asked about 1,000 parents what their biggest worry amidst the pandemic was, and what we found was a surprise. It turns out that the majority of parents are worried about their families being infected by the virus rather than finding work or paying the mortgage.

Quick Facts: Worries across schooling, safety & finances

  • We polled 1,000 parents in the US and asked them what their biggest worry was amidst the pandemic.
  • 35% of parents are most worried about a family virus infection.
  • Just 10.5% of parents listed “finding work” or “paying the mortgage” as their top worry.
  • Getting kids to school safely was almost twice as important to survey participants than the economic concerns.
  • Almost a third of parents we polled aren’t worried about the pandemic at all.

Worries differ slightly between moms and dads

There were some important differences between the answers given to us by moms and dads. Men who participated in the survey said they were more likely to be not worried at all about the pandemic, while women said they were much more worried about the virus itself, for example. Here’s the breakdown:

Methodology & limitations

Our poll was conducted with 998 valid responses from parents throughout the US. While we didn’t obtain statistically significant information about our respondent’s location, it would also be interesting to look at this question from various local perspectives. Laws, lock-downs and social norms vary from state to state, and this is just a snapshot of the time period we’re in now (conducted Aug. 1 to Aug. 4, 2020). Parents’ worries may change as the pandemic numbers surge or fade in the coming months as the pandemic outlook evolves.

Conclusions & takeaways

We asked what parents’ biggest worries were and understand that safety comes first. What was surprising was the degree to which financial concerns took a back seat to the concern over getting kids to school safely. As the pandemic continues through 2020 and schools decide whether or not to open up, it’s safe to say the issue of school safety is at the forefront of parents’ minds.