Freedom Mortgage (J.G. Wentworth) Review 2020

Freedom Mortgage rates

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*Rates are accurate estimates as of July 7, 2020 and based on a 700 credit score in Hartford, CT. 

Freedom Mortgage, which acquired J.G. Wentworth’s mortgage lending arm in 2019, is a sizable non-bank lender that serves all 50 states. Freedom Mortgage is a top contender for borrowers who qualify for VA loans, and it offers unique benefits to borrowers looking to refinance with a VA or FHA loan. While Freedom doesn’t offer a wide range of mortgage lending options, it can be worth a look to see if it provides the type of loan you need.

Why it might pique your interest

Freedom Mortgage sets itself apart with a significant focus on VA home loans for qualifying veterans, offering the Eagle Eye Program to support borrowers even after they sign on the dotted line. The Eagle Eye Program updates borrowers on potential changes and opportunities, such as when rates drop or the value of their home increases. Additionally, Freedom offers a Streamline Refinance for those who want to refinance a VA or FHA loan with no cash-out. This simplified process allows borrowers to refinance with fewer requirements and documentation. Freedom Mortgage also offers conventional loans and USDA loans to those who qualify.

Freedom doesn’t publish mortgage rates online, stating that all mortgage rates are personal and specific to each potential borrower. There’s no way to know what range of interest rates you may be eligible for without contacting Freedom Mortgage, making it difficult to compare them while shopping for rates. However, Freedom serves all U.S. states as well as Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, making it one of the more widely accessible lenders.

Freedom Mortgage overview

Loan options:

  • Conventional 
  • Jumbo loans
  • FHA
  • VA
  • USDA

Pros and cons


  • Licensed in all U.S. states, Washington D.C, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Offers extensive benefits to those who qualify for a VA home loan 
  • Simplifies the refinance process for those with VA or FHA loans


  • Doesn’t provide any information about rates without contacting a loan officer first
  • Less information about conventional loans options
  • Not as many mortgage options compared to other lenders


JG Wentworth Mortgage FAQs

Is JG Wentworth good for mortgages?

JG Wentworth provides a wide variety of mortgage options for both conventional loan customers and those with low-to-moderate income or less-than-perfect credit. For those seeking a streamlined, online mortgage application process, JG Wentworth is a great option. While this direct lender provides competitive mortgage rates and a broad variety of mortgage products, its limited number of physical locations isn’t ideal for those looking to apply in-person. JG Wentworth only offers loans in 45 out of 50 United States, so customers will need to ensure they reside in a state that is served by the company prior to submitting an application.

Is JG Wentworth a direct lender?

Yes — JG Wentworth is a direct lender rather than a mortgage broker. The benefit of choosing a direct lender for a mortgage is that the process is much quicker since customers aren’t dealing with a middleman. However, because JG Wentworth is not a mortgage broker, they will not be able to help identify the best lenders according to a customer’s specific financial situation. Instead, customers will need to conduct this research themselves to secure the best rate.

Can you use JG Wentworth for VA payments?

JG Wentworth offers a wide range of loan products, including VA mortgages. These mortgages are offered to active and former members of the Military, National Guard, and Reserve, and their surviving spouses. While these mortgage products exist for the purpose of purchasing a home, JG Wentworth does not currently provide lending solutions to help customers make their VA disability payments.

The final word 

If you’re looking for a VA home loan, Freedom Mortgage is a lender to consider. This lender may also be a good option for those who want to refinance an FHA or VA loan with one of the Streamline options. Freedom Mortgage doesn’t rank for variety, and it can be challenging to determine if it’s right for you with their less-than-transparent website. However, if you’re looking for a specific type of loan, especially a government-insured loan, Freedom is worth researching.

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