Business Green Rewards Card from Amex Review

Looking for a solid credit card to use for your business expenses? One option is the Business Green Rewards Card from American Express, but it might not be your best choice. It’s a small business card that allows its users to earn reward points, but the number of points you’ll receive is low compared to much of the competition. It doesn’t offer a whole lot in the way of big-time travel perks, either.

Let’s take a look at the breakdown of the Business Green Rewards Card from American Express compared to alternative cards.

The Essentials of the Business Green Rewards Card from Amex

  • APR: N/A (must be paid off in full each month)
  • Annual Fee: $95
  • Primary Feature: Gain membership rewards points for business expenses

What’s Interesting about the Business Green Rewards Card from American Express

At first glance, the Business Green Rewards Card from American Express has several enticing features. An account gives you the ability to assign a manager to track all business spending across your company, and there’s no fee to add additional employee cards. You can also connect your expenses directly to QuickBooks.

Furthermore, the American Express Business App allows users to add their receipts using mobile upload. A year-end summary of all your spending is available to you in an easy-to-read format. Plus, the card offers vehicle loss and damage insurance on rentals.

You can redeem Membership Rewards points on flights, prepaid hotel rooms and vacations booked through American Express Travel. You can also purchase items on, or buy gift certificates or gift cards with your points. A group of 1,000 points equals 1,000 miles when booking travel.

Things to Consider

Unfortunately, these features lose their luster when you consider how many other companies offer the same benefits with much better reward potential. The best current offer on the Business Green Rewards Card is its limited-time bonus where you can gain 3 times the rewards points up to $50,000, but this expires in November 2019. Even if the offer weren’t about to expire, you would need to spend a lot of cash to maximize the benefit. Many other credit cards don’t require such a high amount of spending to maximize their offers.

After the introductory offer expires, you can earn 2 times the points only on eligible purchases on Then you gain 1 times the points for each $1 spent on all other eligible purchases. This bonus is not even close to the best offer out there, as many other cards offer between 3 to 5 times the points or miles. Moreover, the cardholder doesn’t receive any extra perks like airport lounge access or reimbursements for specific travel costs.

How to Get the Most from this Card

To maximize the use of the Business Green Rewards Card from American Express, try to get in before the introductory offer of 3 times the points expires. You’ll have to do a lot of fast spending in order to maximize the benefit, however, so it will likely not be worth your time. If you choose this card after the offer has expired, you’ll get the most points if you use to book all of your upcoming flights, prepaid hotel stays, vacation packages and cruises. This will at least get you 2 times the points, unlike the 1 times points on all other eligible spending.

Other Card Options That Might Interest You

If you aren’t won over by the lackluster rewards with the Business Green Rewards Card from American Express, we have a few other options that could be more worth your time. We recommend looking into both the Chase Ink Business Preferred Card and the Capital One Spark Business Miles Credit Card. Both of these cards offer the same account management features, connection with Quickbooks and fee-free employee cards, as well as many additional perks. For example, you’ll pay no foreign transaction fees on either of these cards, unlike the 2.7% charged by the American Express Business Green Rewards Card.

The introductory offer on the Chase Ink Business Preferred Card is fantastic: 80,000 bonus points after you spend at least $5,000 in the first 3 months. In addition, you can earn 3 times the points on travel and other business categories. However, this card is a standard credit card, so it does come with an APR of 17.99%-22.99%, but the annual fee is the same at $95.

With the Capital One Spark Business Miles Credit Card, you gain 2 times the miles on every purchase, every day. Their introductory offer is 50,000 bonus miles after spending $4,500 in the first 3 months, which is much easier to attain than the American Express option. Cardholders also get a $100 credit for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry fees when you use your card. Plus, the annual fee is waived for the first year and costs $95 after that. The card’s rate is also competitive, at 18.74%.

The Final Word

Who would find the Business Green Rewards Card from American Express a good choice for the small-business operations? A person who needs a bare-bones credit card for their business expenses without all the fluff might find this card to his or her liking.

When looking at the overall picture, however, it’s difficult to sell this card over others on the market. Even some of the other options on the American Express roster have better offers. This card has very few tangible benefits over the competition, and because cardholders would be losing out to better rewards, we recommend shopping around for other cards before committing to this one.