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Julia Taylor is a writer and educator in the Nashville, Tennessee, area. She worked in the financial services industry for many years and uses that expertise to inform her writing and help others make smart financial decisions.

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Point of Interest CD early withdrawal penalties can be deceivingly complex, so be sure you understand how these penalties can affect you before c…

What is a Mortgage-Backed Security (MBS)?

Point of interest Mortgage backed securities led to one of the largest financial crises in our country’s history, but these real estate-bas…

7 Mortgage Mistakes To Avoid

Dodging these pitfalls will make you a happier homebuyer now and more satisfied homeowner down the road. You'll know that you got the best possible mortgage and won't be overwhelmed by unexpected costs.

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Interest Rates and How They Work

Interest rates are important for both earning money and financing purchases. These rates determine how much you can earn when saving money and how much it will cost you to borrow money, so it's important to know what yours is before committing to any financial move.

What is a Savings Account and Should I Open One?

Point of interest Savings accounts can help you reach your financial goals and put you in a good place in case of emergencies. They can also help…

3 free ways to pay your mortgage faster

Paying extra on your mortgage can shave years off your home loan and save tens of thousands of dollars in interest charges. Here's how to get all of the benefits of paying off your mortgage more quickly without wasting hundreds of dollars a year on an accelerated payment plan.