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What is a Mortgage-Backed Security (MBS)?

Point of interest Mortgage backed securities led to one of the largest financial crises in our country’s history, but these real estate-bas…

Make Tough Refinancing Work With an FHA Loan

Low credit scores? Too much debt? With the government standing behind you, banks and mortgage companies can make loans they wouldn’t normally offer at competitive interest rates that could cut your monthly payments by hundreds of dollars.

Should I Get a Debt Consolidation Loan?

Point of Interest Debt consolidation loans can be a great way to simplify your budget and get you back on track to building good money habits. D…

Personal Finance 101: Here’s Where to Start

Point of Interest Getting started with personal finances isn’t complicated — but you’ll need a solid plan and some key tools to get headed down t…

What is Home Equity?

Points of Interest Home equity, which is the amount of your home mortgage loan that you’ve paid down, gives homeowners access to powerful b…

How to Make an Offer on a House

Point of Interest Understanding the nuances of making an offer on a home can help your offer get accepted — and help you get into the house you w…

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