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7 Best Budget Apps of 2020

Are you using a budget to manage your money? If you said “no,” you’re not alone — 33% of Americans spend and pay bills each mon…

Ocrolus Wants to Make Loan Approvals Faster and Fairer

A new fintech startup, Ocrolus, is using artificial intelligence to speed up the approval process for loans, and hopefully eliminate gender and geographic biases.

4 Credit Cards That Are Changing the Game

Thanks to a competitive credit card industry, several startups are changing the landscape to cater to younger generations.

Staying One Step Ahead of Financial Scams During a Pandemic

Pandemics put a massive strain on the resources of consumers, leaving many vulnerable to scams that promise support in making ends meet. By looking out for common scammer tactics, you can protect both your health and finances and get through any outbreak in one piece.

How to Buy the Right Amount of Homeowner’s Insurance

Point of Interest No one can see the future, so your best approach when trying to buy the right amount of home insurance is to evaluate your home…

Cost of Living: What It Is, How It’s Calculated and City Ranks

Point of Interest Getting a job offer with an increased salary can be exciting. Moving to a new city with a lot of action and excitement is also…

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