7 surprising perks of VA loans

Expert advice on price and repairs

The VA makes sure buyers don't overpay for a home and that it's move-in ready, without any costly, unexpected problems.

It does that by requiring all properties be evaluated by a specially trained VA-certified appraiser who will:

  • Determine the home's fair market value.
  • Make sure it meets the VA's Minimum Property Requirements, a list of health, safety and structural requirements that is unique to VA loans.

Bare wires in the kitchen? An addition that was built without the proper permits? These must be fixed or brought up to local building codes before the sale can be completed.

The appraisal process typically takes 10 days or less and can provide buyers with peace of mind.

In 2013, Sandy Magura and her husband, a medically retired army veteran, purchased a home in Stafford, Virginia. Regarding the VA’s experts, she says, “Not only were they extremely thorough, but they were also adamant about the seller getting the things done before we closed."