9 reasons you overspend

Your shopping trip has a soundtrack

There’s a reason supermarkets pipe Kenny Loggins into the produce aisle: Relaxing music encourages shoppers to slow their pace instead of rushing through the store, creating more opportunities to fill their carts with impulse purchases.

“Music is chosen to put people into a shopping mood,” Yarrow says. “Since almost no one likes grocery shopping, stores use music to make it feel like a more pleasant experience in the hopes that shoppers will buy more.”

Diners also tend to spend more in restaurants playing classical music, according to one British study, lingering long enough to order appetizers and dessert along with the main course. The result: a higher bill at the end of the meal.

Smart move: The next time you’re in the supermarket aisle, resist the urge to hum along with the Muzak and focus on your shopping list. Simply being aware that the soundtrack could impact your spending is enough to negate the effects, Yarrow says.

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