How to stand out at work

Wrong ways to be memorable

Yes, sometimes people stand out for the wrong reasons.

Here are three things you should avoid to prevent yourself from being remembered at work for your poor example:

  • If your cologne or perfume heralds your arrival to a meeting from down the hall, people will probably remember you for your scent and not your words. Try to use a lighter version of your favorite fragrance at work or fewer spritzes.

  • You may find it adorable to have your youngest daughter’s trilling laughter as your ringtone. Your co-workers do not. Set your phone to silent during meetings, and try to avoid any tones that others may find annoying.
  • Chain letters of the past have given way to Internet memes and images, posts and updates passed from one computer user to the next. Try to think before tagging a colleague; they may be less easily amused or forgiving than you are.

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