7 career killers

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Using your smartphone in the office

Like checking in on your social networks, it can be tempting to sneak a text or two while in the office.

But make no mistake about it, your work suffers and your boss might notice.

According to 2013 research at Michigan State University, even short interruptions — like taking a break to answer your smartphone — can impact workplace accuracy.

For many of us, that means lower productivity, but for some professions — the university cites ER doctors and airplane mechanics — it can result in a mistake that costs lives.

"What this means is that our health and safety is, on some level, contingent on whether the people looking after it have been interrupted," lead researcher Erik Altmann is quoted on MSUToday.com.

If you absolutely must keep your phone on at all times, consider setting it to vibrate or assigning specific ringtones for crucial calls. Better yet, set aside a few minutes each hour to tend to urgent non-work-related matters and concentrate on your work the rest of the time.

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