7 career killers

Updating your resume

Even if you're just trying to keep current, updating your resume while at work can give your boss the impression you're looking for something new and better.

It certainly won't inspire him or her to give you a raise.

"Updating your resume at work is a clear, blatant sign that you are getting ready to leave," says human resources pro David Lewis. "Managers who know you are looking to get out — in most cases — will help you get there faster, rather than responding by giving you reasons to stay."

If you’re trying to drop a hint to your boss that you’re ready to move on, you’d better either have a firm offer already or be prepared to lose your existing job.

Try to limit your job search and professional updates to off-hours. More than that, don’t discuss your job search with colleagues unless you’re certain they won’t tell anyone else in the office.

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