6 smart moves to update and improve your business style

The Web makes it possible to share your deepest, darkest secrets with the whole world. But what if they’re too deep or too dark?

Alisa Bowman, author of Project: Happily Ever After ($22.95, Running Press), the story of how she saved her marriage, shares personal experiences in her book and blog (projecthappilyeverafter.com).

She’s careful, though, when writing about relatives or close friends.

"After a painful experience with a former friend, I’ve learned that when I write about people close to me, I read it over a few times now, and I think long and hard about whether it's hurtful."

But what if you go too far, particularly when it comes to something that could impact your career?

Bowman says, "If you do anger someone, make it right. Take down the inflammatory material. Apologize; promise to never do it again."

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