9 reasons you overspend

The store is filled with bulk bins and oversized packaging

It’s tempting to stock up on exotic spices from the bulk bin or pay less per roll when you buy a case of toilet paper. But purchasing big quantities still leads to big bills at the supermarket checkout.

Buying in bulk isn’t always the best deal.

According to Bartels, the per-unit price on smaller packages and non-bulk items might be cheaper, but the belief that bigger quantities are less expensive can lead you to fill your cart with bulk items and overspend at the cash register.

There is another reason to avoid buying in bulk: Bigger packages impact your appetite. In one study, participants consumed 56% more food when eating from a larger bowl compared with those who ate from smaller bowls.

Smart move: Check the per-unit price to be sure bulk packages are really a better deal. When you buy in bulk, stick with nonperishable essentials like paper products or canned goods to ensure they won’t spoil before you need them.

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