9 reasons you overspend

The aisles are stocked with marked-down merchandise

Blue-light specials and red-ticket items make shoppers want to whip out their wallets.

“A sale creates the perception that there is an opportunity, that the item will not be available for long, so it’s important to act now,” Yarrow explains. "The fear of missing out tends to make us much less rational about evaluating our purchases, so we end up spending money on things we didn't want or need."

When clearance items are relegated to the back of the closet with their tags still attached or stuffed into a storage bin in the attic, it’s not a good deal, no matter how little you paid.

Smart move: To avoid overspending, it’s essential to think twice before buying a juicer or a Snuggie. Yarrow stresses that there is nothing wrong with a sale item as long as it’s something you truly need, not something you were lured into purchasing because it was in the clearance aisle.

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