Great gifts for a richer life

Technology that saves time, money

If someone on your shopping list is technologically inclined, don't fret about finding the latest gadget. Instead buy them a tech enhancement to their current obsession.

BlueAnt Commute: While the newest cars have sophisticated voice-activation systems, adding that functionality to your existing vehicle could cost thousands of dollars. This product fills the gap, allowing users to send, read and reply to messages using Bluetooth. Drivers can make and receive calls (using Siri on iPhone or Google apps with Android) simply by saying "Launch voice control" or listen to text messages by saying "Read my messages." It’s a nice way to add a layer of protection to a loved one who may be inclined to text and drive. ($99;

Mophie Juice Pack Plus: This battery case powers up your iPhone (and other smartphones) when you’re away from an electrical outlet. If you've ever been stranded at an airport or experienced long-term power outages (think Hurricane Sandy), this case can mean up to an additional eight hours of talk time. ($99.95;

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