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Tame the home office paper monster

The home office desk can be a scary place. Credit card statements compete with copies of cancelled checks and medical documents. If anyone you know has complained about piles of paper that threaten to swallow them whole, you might treat them to one of these nifty solutions.

NeatReceipts: Is your loved one swamped in work receipts he'll need to file for reimbursement or for tax purposes? Gain efficiency with this mobile scanning unit that can electronically file receipts to your computer. With a tiny desktop footprint, NeatReceipts can scan and then sort all of your receipts (the IRS now accepts scanned copies of receipts) business cards and even documents ($200;

Fellowes 69Cb Shredder: Once you’ve scanned and filed your receipts, it’s a good idea to make sure that they’re safely shredded. This shredder promises to block jams and can shred 10 feet per minute. This is a big shredder with a 5-gallon wastebasket capacity, but its manufacturer promises a quiet motor that helps you avoid that annoying shredder sound. ($180;

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