7 career killers

Taking your social network on the job

Unless your title includes the words "social media," it’s a really bad idea to spend time at work updating your Facebook status or tweeting your co-workers.

And it's never good to tend to your virtual crops on Farmville while fielding a sales call.

Indeed, there’s a long list of social media nightmares that have cost people their careers.

David Lewis, CEO of Operations Inc. Human Resources Outsourcing and Consulting in Norwalk, Conn., says social media is the biggest issue in HR in 50 years.

And that's because any time spent on these activities equals lost productivity.

Lewis even cautions about posting on your own time.

For example, the National Labor Relations Board found lawful the 2010 termination of an employee of a home improvement chain who used Facebook over her lunch break to complain about how she was treated by a supervisor.

"Be very careful to stay away from divulging confidential information about your employer in any way as this could easily result in you getting the boot," Lewis says.

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