Great gifts for a richer life

Stocking stuffers

There’s a good chance you’ll be buying gifts for people that you don’t know very well. Or you’ll want to augment really big gifts with a cute and thoughtful surprise.

Bobble 24/7: This water bottle has an in-unit replaceable carbon filter that removes chlorine and contaminants from tap water. Each filter cleans the equivalent of 300 single-serve bottles. ($9.99;

Sportline Calorie Tracking Pedometer: You'll not only be able to track how much you’re eating (or how many calories you’re burning) but also how close you are (or aren't) to reaching the 10,000-step-a-day goal. ($25.99;

Avon Holiday Hand Cream: These adorable purse-friendly hand creams are printed with elves, Santas or polar bears. At less than a buck a pop, they make the perfect add-on to anyone’s gift. ($0.99;

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