7 career killers

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Speaking poorly about co-workers

Joseph Grenny, co-founder of VitalSmarts, a Provo, Utah-based corporate training firm, says the career-limiting habits that keep you back are likely enabled, tolerated or encouraged by others.

So avoid giving in to the urge to gossip at and about work.

If you must vent, keep your comments away from your workspace and even further from co-workers who seem all too eager to soak up the professional vitriol. And don’t put them in writing.

Grenny advises using positive peer pressure and surrounding yourself with hard-working friends who share your career goals.

Fail to avoid these pitfalls, and you could find yourself out of a job.

For example, the National Labor Relations Board found lawful the 2010 termination of a bartender who took to Facebook to complain about a co-worker who was "screwing over" customers by using a mix instead of the premium alcohol they had ordered.

The bartender was fired by her employer for "using unprofessional communication on Facebook to fellow employees."

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