TV's best financial advice

Money lessons from top sitcoms

Watching CNBC or Fox Business will help you track the NASDAQ or learn which companies are poised to beat Wall Street expectations, but cable news might not be where you'll find TV's best practical financial advice.

Leave that to your favorite sitcom.

"Must See TV" is filled with characters overcoming financial woes: On Two and a Half Men, Alan Harper moved in with his brother after his divorce to help make ends meet. And Carrie Bradshaw discovered that her shoe addiction might be great for Sex in the City, but would it prevent her from winning a mortgage?

If you’ve ever watched your favorite character struggle to stick to a budget or dodge calls from collection agencies and thought their predicaments sounded a lot like real life, you’re right.

The reason their situations make for great comedy is that the scenarios are relatable, which is good for ratings but bad for your wallet, especially if you can yell at your TV, "Hey, that happened to me!"

Keep reading to learn which stars have dispensed valuable lessons about money during prime time — and what the experts believe you can take away from these situations.

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