6 smart moves to update and improve your business style

Mind your social network

Although most social-networking sites began with different purposes, as the sites added features and linked to each other, they’ve become somewhat synonymous.

For example, LinkedIn started by focusing on professional networking, but now you can use it to find special-interest groups and travel information. And Facebook first helped you connect with friends and family; today it can connect you with your favorite brands and performers.

But you should be sure to manage your social networks with care.

Use LinkedIn for your professional contacts and connections. Link to your blog if it’s work-related, but think twice before adding your Twitter handle.

Reserve Facebook for friends and family. If you do have professional contacts as Facebook friends, consider setting up a separate business profile or adjusting your privacy settings.

Don’t tweet to Facebook. Resist the temptation to link your feeds — if you’re active on Twitter, a constant stream of 140-character quips could annoy your Facebook friends.

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