Money advice for a lasting marriage

Merge your finances

You share closet space, the TV remote and expenses. It’s a good idea to share a bank account, too.

Couples who want to keep some of their finances separate should consider a joint account to cover household expenses like the mortgage or rent, utilities and groceries.

"There’s no one right way to do this," says personal finance columnist Liz Weston. "Whether you have separate accounts or joint or a mix, both parties need to know where the money’s coming from, where it’s going and what the plan is for your future."

Financial vow: Have an honest discussion about which approach works best for your relationship. You should have equal access to the accounts, including debit cards, and signing privileges.

Still, even couples who deposit all of their money into joint accounts need a little financial autonomy.

"Most couples benefit from having at least some 'no questions asked' money that each person can spend however he or she likes," Weston says.