How to measure financial success

Judge your money management with these 7 critical numbers

You probably know how much your monthly mortgage payment and cable bill are, but do you know your credit score and net worth?

Just as blood pressure and cholesterol are valuable measures of your physical well-being, these are the seven numbers you need to track the state of your financial health.

They measure everything from how quickly you're accumulating wealth to paying down debt and building the kind of reputation that makes borrowing money a breeze.

We'll show you not only where to find these numbers, or how to calculate them, but provide simple guidelines that will help you judge your progress.

Are you stashing more money in your retirement plans than most Americans? Or carrying bigger balances on your credit cards? Or building more equity in your home?

Once you're done, you'll have a much better understanding of how well you're managing your money – and what you need to do better.

Can you really afford to ignore this advice? Your financial security depends on getting these numbers right.

By Craig Guillot Contributing Editor