6 smart moves to update and improve your business style

Hang up the phone

Clark Kent entered a phone booth a mere man and emerged as Superman. The key to his transformation was privacy.

But phone booths are a dying breed, and so are private business conversations.

With cell phones and Bluetooth headsets, you can talk to anyone anywhere, but should you? It might save time but at what cost?

Leah Silber, manager of the Brooklyn-based food company Schwartz Appetizing, says that when faced with customers chatting distractedly on the phone, she skips to the next person in line. And if the skipped customer asks why, Silber replies, “I didn’t want to bother you. You were obviously busy.”

In this way, she cleverly diverts both their lack of courtesy and her reaction.

Before your next public conversation, think of those around you. Don’t spend so much time talking or texting that you lose track of what you’re doing and who you’re affecting.

And instead of losing your temper when someone won’t hang up the phone, walk away or kill them with kindness instead.

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