10 smart moves to save on health care

Get expert help with billing mistakes

A health care advocate can find mistakes on your bill, items for which the provider has overcharged and items for which your insurance has underpaid.

These services range from local, one-person operations to national firms. They will contact your health care providers to get billing mistakes corrected and negotiate lower fees.

Many advocates charge you a percentage of the savings they achieve.

If the health care advocate’s fee is 30% and they cut $1,000 off your bill, you’ll pay them $300 and pocket the other $700 in savings.

Others charge an up-front fee of around $100 to $300. Most advocates clearly disclose their prices on their websites.

Some advocates only work with bills exceeding a certain amount, typically $300 to $400.

If you have employer-provided health insurance, ask human resources if your company has contracted with a health care advocate.

If not, Claims.org can help you find an expert in 18 states.

The Patient Advocate Foundation, My Medical Negotiator, Medical Billing Advocates of America and many other organizations provide services nationwide.