6 smart moves to update and improve your business style

Fine-tune your messaging

Not so long ago, you could send an email blast on your latest exploits to just about anyone, and that was enough of a novelty to be interesting to all. But a one-size-fits-all approach is definitely not appropriate today, particularly when communicating to different audiences.

"Know your audience, and microcast to them," says Ben Deily, an advertising copywriter.

In other words, create individual or better-tailored emails, press releases and informational documents.

"It's more important than ever when marketing yourself to focus on what's relevant to your immediate audience," says Deily, who is also a musician and founding member of the alternative rock band The Lemonheads. "I'd never pitch my advertising chops to someone who wants to do music or vice versa."

With shortening attention spans, Deily firmly believes "you have to tailor the on-point part of your message more fiercely (and precisely) than ever."

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