Financial follies of 'Downton Abbey'

Failing to diversify

The third season began with the Earl of Grantham divulging that he had invested his family’s assets in stock in a Canadian railroad.

The company went bankrupt, taking the Crawley fortune with it.

It looked like this mistake would cost the family Downton Abbey (gasp) and force them to move to the less formidable, but still huge by anyone else’s standards, Downton Place.

Of course, all of this could have been avoided if Robert Crawley had simply followed one of the most basic rules of investing and diversified.

Even his wife, Cora, realized that putting all of their eggs in one basket was a bad idea.

The Earl of Grantham said it best himself: "A fool and his money are soon parted. And I have been parted from my money, so I suppose I am a fool."

At least he now has his sensible son-in-law Matthew to guide him. Oh, wait …

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