Worst New Year's resolutions

Ending fights over money

If you bicker about the cable bill or disagree about retirement savings, you’re not alone.

Couples average three arguments a month over financial issues, according to a recent survey by the American Institute of CPAs, making it one of the most common reasons for an argument.

"Money is … the No. 1 reason for divorce in the early years of marriage," financial psychologist Brad Klontz says.

No one wants to fight over finances, but making a resolution to halt all such disagreements probably isn't realistic. Moreover, achieving the resolution might mean avoiding necessary conversations, which can cause even bigger problems.

Smart solution: Reframe the resolution.

"Instead of trying to fight less over money, resolve to have a different type of conversation around money," Klontz says.

Make appointments to discuss financial issues. Use the time to discuss topics of concern, including saving, spending and debt, and work together to set joint financial goals.

If disagreements arise, remember to listen to your partner and respond without judgments or harsh language.

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