6 smart moves to update and improve your business style

Don't forget about customer service

You might have the most cutting-edge product and process in place. Your offerings might outshine your competitors'. But if you forget about your customers, they’ll forget about you.

Consumers frequently say they can't reach the proper person when they have a complaint, or when they do reach someone, it's a customer service representative at an outsourced overseas call center who isn't intimately familiar with the product or is difficult to understand.

Bad policies, bad service and a lack of resolution can lead to customer rage, which is on the rise, according to a recent survey by Customer Care Measurement & Consulting in partnership with Arizona State University's Carey School of Business.

So how best can you keep customers satisfied?

The survey found that customers' brand satisfaction is very high if a problem is solved after first contact.

As repeated calls are necessary to resolve an issue, customer dissatisfaction grows exponentially.

"It’s a lot less expensive to keep the customers you have than to keep getting new ones," says Marc Grainer, chairman of CCMS.

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