How to stand out at work

Don’t work 9 to 5

Many of us are being asked to shoulder more responsibility at work. Here's a way to stand out: Take on more responsibility without being asked.

New York-based entrepreneur Andrew Hazen has founded numerous companies. One constant in all these efforts: He never works regular office hours.

"I think one way you can easily be more memorable in the workplace is to not clock out at 5 p.m.," he says. "If you show a genuine interest in the business and its success, then you will without a doubt stand out and be memorable in the workplace."

But there is, of course, a fine line that helps create a work-life balance.

Don’t be so involved in your work that you’re emailing or updating at all hours. If you become so work-focused or obsessed, you can risk alienating friends and colleagues who just need time to unwind.

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