7 pitfalls to making your hobby a business

Customers need attention

There is more to turning a hobby into a business than making products to sell.

For Erin Francis, creating fanciful cake pops is the easiest — and most fun — part of her business Cake Pop It Like It's Hot. Most of her time is spent emailing reminders to place orders, creating new designs, experimenting with recipes for gluten-free or nut-free products to accommodate customer requests and responding to questions about packaging and deliveries — all before a sale ever is made.

Indeed, customer service might be as important as the product itself.

Although customer service keeps creative entrepreneurs from devoting their time to producing the products they are passionate about, most believe the opportunity to share their creations is worth the effort.

"I get so excited when someone places an order," Francis says. "I never expected people to want to pay for (my baked goods). It’s so cool."