Gifts for a richer life


Save someone's parents time, money and frustration by giving the gift of clothing to a child. Over the years you can save a family hundreds of dollars.

But don't buy just any outfit.

First, look for clothing a size or two larger than the child wears today. That way, when little Drew, Ryan or Connor has grown out of all his pants or sweatshirts, mom or dad isn't saying, "He has nothing to wear!"

Yes, he does. Because you've bought them something to have on hand, which is where the saving time, money and frustration comes in.

Second, troll the online children's section of stores like Nordstrom year-round for clearances and deals to buy higher quality stuff  that will last longer — and hopefully long enough that these items can be handed down to a younger sibling or cousin.

This ensures you don't break your gift-buying budget, either.

Plus, if you're buying clothes, their parents can buy them fun stuff for the holidays.

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