6 practical ways to splurge

Buy an inexpensive tech toy

Remember the days when the humble computer was mostly a glorified word processor or address book? With the popularity of tablets, Internet-accessible everything and really smart phones, we spend a lot of time consuming media. And that means the tinny sound coming through standard speakers dims the overall experience of your favorite binge TV-watching.

Enter a new generation of Bluetooth-enabled speakers that not only provide louder sound, but a sophisticated listening experience. One of the best-looking and best-sounding Bluetooth-enabled speakers I’ve tested is the Sound Cylinder ($199, DefinitiveTech.com), which can easily clip onto your tablet or be used as an add-on to your laptop. The Sound Cylinder has three speaker elements inside to play mid-range and high frequencies, along with a woofer to play bass. I found that it gave me movie theater-quality sound for my Chromebook.

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