Financial follies of 'Downton Abbey'

Bad money philosophy

Mary and Matthew had their share of obstacles to overcome, between his fiancée dying from the Spanish flu and her tryst with the Turkish diplomat.

But what truly could’ve broken them, besides untimely death, was their opposite views on money.

Pre-Downton, Matthew was a member of the middle class. Mary, who has probably never brushed her own hair, knows only Downton — and not about the workings of the large estate. More the afternoon tea, breakfast in bed and dressing for dinner parts of it.

So when Matthew learned he was set to inherit the fortune of his late fiancée’s father, it should have come as no surprise he didn’t want to accept the money, and Mary wanted to use it to maintain the status quo.

The two couldn’t see eye to eye, even arguing on the eve of their wedding. And when Matthew did finally cave, Mary was slow to see his wisdom about all things Downton.

Research has shown that frequent disagreements about money are bad for a marriage, so be sure to follow this money advice for a lasting marriage.

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