Worst New Year's resolutions

7 financial vows to avoid in 2013

The New Year is a new beginning, a chance to have: The Best. Year. Ever.

As soon as the ball drops in Times Square, the time-honored tradition of making resolutions begins.

It’s not just plans to eat fewer cupcakes and use the treadmill more often that dominate the list of resolutions. Financial resolutions are hugely popular.

A poll conducted by Fidelity Investments found that 46% of respondents planned to make financial resolutions for 2013. The top promises: Save more and spend less.

The most important thing to remember when setting financial resolutions, according to Brad Klontz, a financial psychologist and co-author of Mind Over Money: Overcoming the Money Disorders That Threaten Our Financial Health, is to set goals that are specific, measurable and realistic.

You can increase your chances of achieving your financial goals for 2013 if you avoid making the seven worst New Year’s resolutions.

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