Collectibles for the gullible

7 bad investments

There's nothing wrong with collecting. If you want to collect something because you like it — and you can afford it — go for it.

But there are few things you should collect as a way of saving for retirement. While a vintage doll might still fetch a huge return, talk to the folks who rushed to buy a Cabbage Patch Kid about how well their investment is doing today.

Indeed, tastes are fickle, and whatever is a hot item now could fizzle out and sell for pennies on the dollar later on eBay, particularly if that item was mass-produced.

Don't believe us?

Here’s our list of seven collectibles whose once sky-high prices have plummeted.

Treat this list as a warning: To secure your golden years, put your money in an IRA or other form of retirement savings and avoid speculative investing in collectibles.

By Jen A. Miller Contributing Editor

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