Smoke the market, not cigarettes

Mason jar with pennies spilling out

The average American smoker spends $1,600 a year on cigarettes.

If you quit smoking and invest that $133 a month in CDs earning 3.5% a year, you'll have almost $19,000 after just 10 years.

To find out how much you could save, go to the savings calculator and put in your own numbers.

Earn a more robust 8% a year by investing in the mutual fund market through your employer's 401(k) retirement plan and you'll have nearly $25,000.

To learn more about how to increase contributions to your 401(k) read 7 simple rules for a successful 401(k) account.

Increasing your payroll deductions by $133 a month makes it easy to save. You're stashing away money you would have spent and therefore won't miss and you'll lower your taxable income by $1,600 a year. That can save you another several hundred dollars come tax time.

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