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Anyone shopping for a new checking or savings account should check J.D. Power and Associates annual rankings of the nation's major banks.

While banks are treating their customers a little better these days, service and costs vary a lot and we think this is the most thorough and ruthless comparison you'll find anywhere.

Banks are graded from 1 to 5 in six categories that measure everything from their fees and hours and to how effectively they resolve customer disputes. Then they're given a grade for "Overall Banking Experience."

The results are reported by region and provide potential customers with a clear, easy to understand choice on where to take their money.

Commerce Bancorp, for example, was judged to be the best in the Mid-Atlantic region and received the best marks of any bank in the country -- 5s in every category except fees, for which it received a 4.

KeyBank, on the other hand, received 2s in every category.

Where would you rather go?

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